Password security at a new level with


No need to remember multiple passwords when you can store, create, and manage them all in one app

Keep an eye on the security of your personal and work data

Maximize your online security with strong, unique passwords

Peace of mind everywhere you go

Password storage

Manage all your accounts' credentials in one place. Organize passwords by assigning them a particular color. Use a PIN to shield entry to the storage from prying eyes, or Face ID for faster access.

Password generator

This useful feature allows you to quickly generate the most strong and secure passwords that meet all the necessary requirements and are impossible for hackers to crack. Simple to customize and copy.

Accounts leak check

Check to see whether a data breach has exposed your accounts. By entering your email or password, you can see where and what type of data was affected, and get notified about potential hackings.

Security check

Check to see whether your password was exposed in any well-known data breaches. Find out whether your passwords put your information at risk when they're weak or detected as being outdated. If your device is password-protected, AmberPass will also verify that.

Top-notch security for a password manager

Everything in the password storage is fully encrypted

We can never see your passwords or account's data

Your data is always yours - if you leave, we'll remove it

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